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(Attempted) Blog Reboot #4296.

Oh internet, where has the time gone?

Do we all remember that time where I wanted to say things about what life was like for an actor just starting (or a postgrad, or a student studying abroad)? Good times. That’s going really well. I literally have a draft sitting here from November of 2014. Way to go, Walker. Way to go. I always get about three posts in and get busy. Then I forget about this promise that I made to myself. The original goal was to be more creative by putting pen to paper, albeit in electronic form.

No one’s perfect. Forgetting to write and drowning in binge-watching things is just one of those things that I’m going to have to learn how to forgive myself for.

Maybe this time it will be about how I’m winning at adulting. Maybe it will still be a food blog sometimes. Maybe it will be random videos of my pets. Maybe I’ll write about my day job(s). Maybe I’ll just ramble nonsensically for 100 or so words a week. Who’s to say?

I’m also just proud of my redone website, and I might have recent performance videos.

Hugs and love, chat soon!

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